About Arc Master

My name is George Tkachyk, I am the designer and manufacturer of the ARC MASTER Universal Radius Gauge and Variable Arc.

I have spent over 40 years in the field of metal processing and manufacturing. I’ve designed tooling for production machinery and have also worked in part design and production.

Working with arcs both in the design and production aspects persuaded me to create an radius reader that is not only practical and easy to use but inexpensive. Having scoured the industrial world for a radius gauge, I was dismayed that the few gauges that do exist are woefully inadequate for the job, are ridiculously expensive or both..

In my mind, if you pay thousands of dollars for a delicate shop tool, the person using it would need to be trustworthy and that he or she would know that their very life hung in the balance if the radius gauge were to somehow become damaged.

Three main considerations went into the design of the ARC MASTER Universal Radius Gauge;
Design Innovation and Utility, Tool Longevity, and Manufacturing costs.