Manufacturing Costs

In my view, tools don’t have to cost a fortune in order to be functional, accurate and last for many years.

The variety of products on the market that a manufacturer has available at his fingertips is staggering. The Internet brings those fasteners or washers, etc… right into his office.

Making the right choices is paramount for any manufacturer, whether they build tools or washing machines.Also, as an example, increasing production costs for the sake of saying a part would look better if it was nickel plated is a consideration not easily dismissed. A tool has to look presentable, but at the same time should not be high-jacked by vanity. A solution would be to design the color scheme around the lesser option.

A lot of time and care went into the design of the ARC MASTER Radius Gauges and the VARIABLE ARC with the ultimate goal of building inexpensive and accurate tools that anyone can use and that would last for many years.