ORG 3600

The ORG 3600 will take outside radius measurements of cylindrical objects, the curvature of body panels, railing, etc., anything that is not accessible from the inside. These dependable, all-weather gauges are usable in any environment.

The measuring tolerance of the ORG 3600 is +/- .5% for all measurements. In most cases this is only suitable as a reference measurement. The ORG 3600 is NOT recognized by any (ISO) International Standards Organizations. There is NO calibration certificate for the ORG 3600. All gauges are tested and adjusted to a tolerance of better than +/-  .5% on all measurements before they leave the shop.

The minimum chord (distance between outer contact points) needed for the ORG 3600 to take a measurement is 14″(356mm).

Arc Master Radius Gauges should be used for REFERENCE only. They are NOT registered with any Industry Standards Organization.

IMPORTANT: What you should do when you first receive your radius gauge.

To ensure proper calibration of your radius gauge, we recommend that at first use, check the gauge on a sample arc and record the measurement. This sample arc should have a radius of 100” or larger. The larger the radius sample your gauge is checked on, the more accurate the check. Make a note of the radius measurement on the sample arc and refer to this sample arc for all your regular radius checks.